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Diving deep into your brand’s core, I craft design concepts that capture its spirit. With a blend of harmonious digital and print materials, I’ll deliver a striking brand identity ready to make a splash in your marketing initiatives here in Boise, Idaho — or beyond.

My Process Proven Results

My branding and print work services begin with an in-depth discovery and research phase, followed by developing design concepts that capture your brand’s essence. Once finalized, I execute the designs, creating a cohesive set of materials for digital and print applications. Upon delivery, you’ll have a distinctive and impactful brand identity that can seamlessly integrate into your marketing efforts, whether with another company or me.


Discovery & Research

The branding and print work process begins with a deep dive into your business, target audience, and industry landscape. I gather essential information about your brand values, unique selling points, and competitors, laying the foundation for a distinctive and impactful brand identity.


Concept Development

Next, I explore various design concepts and visual elements, such as color schemes, typography, and imagery. Through a collaborative process, we refine these concepts, ensuring they align with your brand’s message and resonate with your target audience.


Design Execution

Once the design concepts are finalized, I create a cohesive set of branding materials, such as logos, business cards, and letterheads, as well as print collateral, like brochures, banners, and packaging. Each piece is carefully crafted to maintain consistency and reinforce your brand identity.


Delivery & Realization

Finally, I will provide you with the final branding materials, print work, and guidelines for their usage. These assets can be easily integrated into your marketing efforts, ensuring a consistent and memorable brand presence across all touchpoints

Empower Your Brand Unforgettable Design

The Boise Gun Club

"Idaho's Premier Shotgun Sports Complex"

I delivered a comprehensive suite of services for the Boise Gun Club website to elevate its online presence and ensure a strong, consistent brand identity.

Pixelfire Entertainment

"Fueling Your eSports Passion, One Pixel at a Time!"

Working with Pixelfire Entertainment was a highlight of my career. I brought a fresh perspective to the eSports world and kicked out a large, multipage custom website that fused many unique elements into one design. Think of ESPN but for eSports.


B The Broker

"B In Charge of YOUR Real Estate"

At B The Broker, I crafted a cohesive brand experience by providing a whole suite of services, including website design, branding, identity development, and print materials.

The Blessing Bike

"No One Has Ever Become Poor by Giving"

I helped The Blessing Bike redesign its website, refresh its brand, and improve its online presence through Search Engine Optimization. I love working with nonprofits and am proud to have supported their mission of helping people in need. I continue to provide support and website management and couldn’t be happier with the results.

Riverside Pines

"Let us Help Make Your Wedding Day Dreams Come True"

At Riverside Pines, a picturesque wedding venue in Cascade, Idaho, I delivered a comprehensive suite of services to elevate its digital presence and enhance its brand image. Riverside Pines has experienced a significant boost in brand recognition and customer inquiries, reflecting my commitment to their success.

I've Been Very Lucky To Work With Clients Like Yourself

Boise Gun Club Testimonial Resized

“We couldn’t be happier with the work Steve did for us at the Boise Gun Club. His expertise in redesigning our website and creating top-notch marketing materials has helped us reach a wider audience and solidify our position as Boise’s Premier Shotgun Sports Facility.”

— Ed VanEtten (President, Boise Gun Club)

B The Broker Testimonial

“Working with Steve on B The Broker’s branding and website was an absolute game-changer for our company. His creative vision, professionalism, and attention to detail transformed our image, creating a captivating user experience that truly set us apart in the real estate market.

Thanks to his exceptional work, B The Broker gained significant traction and ultimately attracted the attention of a major investment firm. I highly recommend Duskett Media to anyone.”

— Phil Hopkins (Co-Owner & CTO)

The Blessing Bike Testimonial Resized

“The work done by Steve has been instrumental in the success of The Blessing Bike. The new website is not only visually appealing but also user-friendly and accessible. We’re truly grateful for Steve’s dedication and his work’s positive impact on our community.”

— Jill Houser (Owner & Operator)

Riverside Pines Testimonial Resized

“Steve’s creativity and professionalism brought our vision to life, showcasing the natural beauty of our venue and capturing the essence of the romantic events we host. Thanks to Steve and his team, we’ve seen a significant increase in bookings and glowing feedback from our clients. We couldn’t be more delighted with the results!”

— Mike Schroeder (Partner & COO)

Go Love People Testimonial Resized

“Steve played an invaluable role in developing the concept for GoLovePeople. Although we didn’t bring our startup to market, the passion, creativity, and commitment Steve demonstrated throughout the process truly inspired those involved in the project. We deeply appreciate his support and continue collaborating with him on projects to this day.”

— Matt Payne (Founder)

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Branding & Print FAQ

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What types of branding and print services do you offer?

I offer a comprehensive range of branding and print services, including logo design, brand identity development, print collateral (business cards, brochures, and banners), apparel design, and more. I aim to create cohesive, impactful designs that capture your brand’s essence and resonate with your target audience.

Can you help with the entire branding process, from concept to final design?

Yes, I can guide you through the entire branding process, starting with an in-depth discovery and research phase to understand your brand’s core values and unique attributes. From there, I develop design concepts, refine them based on your feedback, and create a cohesive set of brand assets for digital and print applications.

What kind of apparel design services do you offer?

I offer custom apparel design services for various types of clothing and accessories, such as t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and more. I can create eye-catching designs that align with your brand identity and appeal to your target audience.

Do you provide printing services, or do you only create the designs?

While my primary focus is on creating compelling designs for your branding and print materials, I can also assist you in finding reputable printing partners to produce high-quality physical products. This ensures your brand materials maintain a consistent look and feel across all touchpoints. Currently, I partner with Hi-Tech Color here in Boise, Idaho

How long does the branding and print design process take?

The timeline for the branding and print design process depends on the complexity of the project, the number of assets needed, and the level of collaboration required. I will provide an estimated timeline during our initial consultation and keep you informed of any changes as the project progresses.

Can you work within my budget for branding and print design projects?

I understand that every project has unique requirements and budget constraints. I strive to work with clients to develop a plan that fits their budget while delivering high-quality branding and print design solutions. Please contact me to discuss your specific needs and explore the available options

How will I receive the final design files for my branding and print materials?

Once the design process is complete, I will deliver the final design files digitally in industry-standard formats, such as PDF, AI, EPS, or other file types, as needed. This ensures your designs can be easily used for digital applications and print production.

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