Go Love People

A Startup Nonprofit Looking to Change the World

Go Love People was a startup with a noble mission: to provide a platform that connected volunteers with opportunities to serve their communities. Although the platform did not ultimately take off, I was proud to work with them to develop a strong and cohesive brand identity that communicated their vision and values.

I developed the brand and visual identity, including print work, apparel, and promotional materials. I also took on the additional challenge of designing the UI and UX for the mobile app, which looked to make it easy for volunteers to find and connect with local opportunities. Aiming to create an inspiring visual identity that reflected the team’s passion and commitment, I developed the logo and print materials to have a consistent appearance across all touch points.

The goal was to inspire individuals to positively impact their community and join Go Love People’s movement.

Teamwork Amidst Adversity

One Of My Best Identities

Lessons in Perserverance

The Work I Performed

Working to Inspire Action Everyday

Go Love People was a startup that never quite made it to market, but its impact on me as a marketer was immeasurable. As a partner and co-owner of the project, I was fully invested in its mission to positively impact communities by connecting volunteers with meaningful opportunities. Although the platform did not take off as planned, the experience of working on this project taught me valuable lessons about perseverance, innovation, and collaboration.

As a marketer, getting caught up in pursuing success as the bottom line is easy. However, working on Go Love People reminded me of the importance of staying true to your values and mission, even in the face of adversity.

Despite the setbacks, I remain proud of my work for GLP. The visual identity I created inspires me to this day, and the lessons I learned continue to inform my approach to marketing. While the project may not have made it to market, its impact on me as a marketer will be felt for years.

“Steve played an invaluable role in developing the concept for GoLovePeople. Although we didn’t bring our startup to market, the passion, creativity, and commitment Steve demonstrated throughout the process truly inspired those involved in the project. We deeply appreciate his support and continue collaborating with him on projects to this day.”

— Matt Payne (Founder)

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