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Born in Santa Maria, California, I was captivated by Idaho’s allure at the tender age of six. This enchantment laid the foundation for my enduring passion for design. With over 20 years under my belt, I’ve mastered the realms of marketing, graphic, and web design. At Duskett Media, my chief joy is crafting bespoke, imaginative solutions that delight every client I collaborate with.

My foray into the design world began with web designs for server hosting firms on the East Coast. Since then, my portfolio has expanded to partnerships with a plethora of industries in Treasure Valley and beyond. I wear my collaborations with numerous local businesses as a badge of honor. And my commitment to the community is reflected in the pro bono work I undertake for nonprofits, thereby championing their noble causes.

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Even though my Californian origins shaped my early years, my heart truly beats for Idaho. Embarking on my design journey at 13, I became the driving force behind Duskett Media. I cater to a diverse clientele, from budding startups to established corporations, with a special corner for nonprofits. My mission? To rejuvenate brands and web presences with precision and flair. With my relentless commitment to perfection, I promise to transform your vision into reality. Ready for some enchantment? Let’s embark on this creative voyage together!

Duskett Media General FAQ

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What services does Duskett Media offer?

I offer various services, including marketing, graphic design, web design, SEO, and Web Management. I specialize in creating custom solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs.

What types of clients do you work with?

I work with a diverse range of clients, including small businesses, large corporations, and nonprofit organizations. My experience spans various industries, such as technology, healthcare, finance, and more.

How can I get a proposal for my project?

To get a customized proposal, fill out the contact form on the “Get Proposal” page, providing as much detail as possible about your project. I’ll get back to you promptly with a proposal addressing your specific needs.

Do you offer pro bono services for nonprofit organizations?

Yes, I have a passion for supporting nonprofit organizations and often provide my services to them pro bono. Please reach out if you’re a nonprofit needing design or marketing assistance.

What is your design process like?

My design process begins with understanding your goals and objectives, then developing a customized strategy aligning with your brand. I maintain open communication throughout the project to ensure satisfaction and the best possible results.

How long does it typically take to complete a project?

Project timelines vary depending on scope and complexity. Once I understand your project requirements, I’ll provide an estimated completion time.

How do you ensure the quality of your work?

I’m committed to delivering excellence in every project. With a keen eye for detail and dedication to client satisfaction, I ensure each project meets or exceeds expectations.

Can you tell me more about your experience and background in design and marketing?

I’ve been designing and marketing since I was a youngin’ and have worked with diverse clients and industries. I stay up-to-date with design and marketing trends to provide the most effective solutions.

I attend conferences, workshops, read industry publications, and participate in online communities to stay informed on the latest design and marketing trends.

Do you have examples of your previous work?

Yes, my portfolio showcases my design and marketing experience. You can view it on my website or request specific examples related to your project.

Can you walk me through your pricing structure and payment process?

Pricing depends on the project’s scope and complexity. I require a 33% deposit upfront, with 33% due halfway through the process and the final 33% due upon delivery. I also work on a 50/50 basis if necessary.

Do you offer ongoing maintenance and support for websites or marketing materials after a project is completed?

Yes, I offer Web Management Solutions starting at $399<sup>/month</sup>

What is your policy on revisions and edits during a project?

I strive for client satisfaction and offer a set number of revisions during a project. Additional revisions can be discussed if needed.

How do you handle client communication and updates throughout a project?

I maintain open communication, providing regular updates and opportunities for feedback. I’m always available to answer questions or discuss concerns.

Can you provide references or testimonials from previous clients?
Yes, I have a list of references and testimonials that I’m happy to provide upon request.

Website Management Packages I'll Do The Heavy Lifting

Starting @ $399.00/month

Looking to streamline your website management and empower your business? Look no further than my comprehensive website management packages, designed to offer a suite of professional-grade services at an affordable price point. With my services, you can have a dedicated website management team on retainer, offering hassle-free updates and modifications as needed, all without the overhead cost of hiring employees.

Choose the package that best suits your budget and requirements, and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your website is in good hands. Whether you’re looking to update content, modify pages, showcase new offerings, or optimize your SEO, I’m here to help you achieve your goals. And if you don’t see what you want, or have any questions, just let me know – I’m always happy to help!

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